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White hole punch architecture

Paint over the tree in black and white to make an even background color Step 4 Hole punch all of the colors leaves you want. (Use a 3 hole punch). Step 5 Make a 50/50 glue & water solution. Step 6 Spread the glue mixture and apply the leaves. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur […]

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Unique building architectural design

his home’s owner, Sarah Winchester, allegedly believed that the building was haunted and so designed the home in a labyrinth-like fashion to confuse any spirits who might try to haunt her. Because of that, she insisted that the home be constantly under construction, incorporating architectural oddities

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Triangle glass shiny building

When construction of the Barclays Center wrapped up in 2012, a rapid transformation of the surrounding area quickly followed. Now, the area has one of the city’s fanciest movie theaters, a sprawling food hall and a Shake Shack. For better or for worse, Brooklynites can soon add a shiny, triangular glass

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White high rise building in day time

High-rise Buildings Free stock photo of city, skyline, buildings, skyscrapers. Free stock photo of city, sky, skyline, buildings. Free stock photo of city, night, skyline, buildings. Photography of Singapore Skyscrapers White Paint Building Empire State Building Under Blue Sky Brown Building With Lights on During Night Time